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Imp Gr Pr Shermese Justtheticket

Imp Gr Pr Shermese Justtheticket
Photo courtesy of Robert Fox www.photopaws.co.uk

The Oriental Cat Association (OCA) is a special interest club affiliated to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy to promote the breeding and showing of Oriental cats. The Club was formed in 1971 and was affiliated to the GCCF in 1975. The Club has approximately 100 members from all over the UK, and a number of overseas members. A Committee of 10 is elected annually by the members to represent the club at shows and provide a contact point for current and new members. Our constitution was revised at the AGM in April 2013.

Irene Rothwell & Clare Whitby represent the club at the GCCF meetings and Clare Whitby and Carol Ward at the Oriental Joint Breed Advisory Committee.

The club website is now being administered by the team behind Oriental Cat Breeder and Siamese Cat Breeder websites.

Langford Veterinary services are offering a 20% discount for any OCA member who might need to carry out a genetic screening test. Genetic Price List.

The OCA has registered for this discount not because there is a major outbreak of any kind of disease amongst the Orientals, but because it provides an additional service to our members who may need it.

Please contact Irene Rothwell directly to obtain the code needed – your request will be treated in the strictest confidence.